In a Nutshell


The Global BBA (Global Bachelor of Business Administration) program features cross-disciplinary studies and multiple campuses. You will gain invaluable insight into both western and eastern management approaches through an array of business courses. Built on faculty expertise and accredited by AACSB and EQUIS, this innovative program is designed to train the new generation of business professionals who will lead the future of international companies and organizations.


Bachelor Degree from Renmin University of China


Business Administration


4 years


main campus-Beijing, China + 2 overseas campuses



  • Multiple Campuses Multiple Campuses

    In the four-year Global BBA program, students will spend 6 semesters in Beijing and 2 semesters abroad (each at one of our 70+ partners worldwide without any additional tuition fees). The knowledge and skills acquired in multiple campuses will bring you a global perspective to the business world.

  • Accelerated Masters Accelerated Masters

    Graduates of the Global BBA program can apply for direct admission into our International MBA Program. Students, in their fourth year or right after graduation, can also apply for accelerated master programs at our partner institutions overseas with simplified application procedures, discounted tuition and even shortened study period.

  • Business Competitions Business Competitions

    Business competitions held throughout the school year offer students opportunities to develop innovative ideas and teamwork skills.

  • Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular Activities

    You will join a vibrant and diverse student community who live their university life to the full. Enjoy living in Beijng, travelling, and participating in all the extracurricular opportunities you will have at Renmin University.