Global BBA team got First Runner-Up in the 1st CESIM International Business Simulation Competition

On the 1st of December, the First CESIM international Business Simulation Competition was held by SHU-UTS SILC Business school of Shanghai University. In collaboration with CESIM, a business simulation company based in Finland, Shanghai university held a series of preliminary rounds before inviting 15 final teams to Shanghai to compete for the championship title. Representing the Renmin Business School was team Metis, a team of four 1st year students (Jessica Song, Angelina Liu, David Li and Benoît Van Keer) from the new Global BBA program.

The competition started in November of 2018 with 32 teams made up of international students from 46 different countries. Split into three large groups, the goal of the preliminary rounds was to place in the top 3 of their group. Using an online platform, teams had to make decisions that would create a sustainable and profitable company. Having placed top 3 in their group, Team Metis was on their way to Shanghai.

The finals involved five rounds of the business simulation as well as a presentation judged by the CEO of CESIM, Dean of YueXiu institute, GM of Oxford Instruments Tech and professors from Fudan University and SHU-UTS SILC Business School.

Team Metis was able to come out on top being awarded 1st Runner-Up after weeks of competing in the preliminary rounds as well as the finals which was an extremely competitive and stimulating environment. With most competing teams being students from MBA programs, team Metis had to use their combined skills and knowledge in a unique way that would set them apart from other teams. The judges praised Team Metis for their unique capabilities and interesting presentation, which put them on top of most other teams.

The competition provided the 1st year students from Team Metis, an insight into what their futures in business will hold. In the final’s fast-paced and competitive environment, they were able to strengthen valuable skills that will carry them through their future years of study at Renmin University. It was an amazing experience and the team is determined to return to next year’s finals and win the championship title.

It was a huge honour to represent Renmin Business School’s new Global BBA program. Team Metis wishes to thank Angie Xie (program manager) for accompanying the team to Shanghai as well as giving them the opportunity to participate in the competition. Team Metis also wishes to thank professor Jidong Han 韩冀东 for helping the team prepare for the finals.