Q: I’m not a native English speaker. I don’t have TOEFL/IELTS test scores now. Can I still apply for the program?
A: We require the TOEFL or IELTS examination for international applicants whose primary native language is not English. If you have attended a high school in English-speaking countries for at least three years, or your high school courses are delivered in English, then the TOEFL or IELTS requirement is waived.
Q: What is your minimum TOEFL/IELTS requirement?
A: We require the TOEFL/IELTS from non-English speakers who didn’t take at least 3 years of coursework in English. We do not have a minimum language requirement. But statistics show that most admitted students (non-English speakers) scored above 85 in TOEFL or above 6.0 in IELTS.
Q: I don’t speak any Chinese. Will that be a problem?
A: No worries. The Global BBA program is delivered entirely in English. To help you get accustomed to the new campus life, we will arrange for you Chinese language modules varying from beginner to advanced levels. In addition, we will pair you with a local Chinese student who will help you with logistics (incl. airport pick-up right upon your arrival) and offer one-on-one assistance. Click here for more instructions on our Buddy Program.
Q: I learnt some Chinese before. Is Chinese language proficiency a plus?
A: The Global BBA program is delivered entirely in English, so we do not require Chinese language proficiency. The key factors we consider when reviewing applications are English proficiency, academic excellence, and personal skills (communication and leadership skills in particular). However, the fact that you learnt Chinese before does indicate your interest in the Chinese culture and in studying in China. And if you are admitted into the program, you can select additional courses to replace the credits of Chinese language modules.
Q: Do you have a minimum requirement of IB/SAT/ACT/AP scores?
A: Renmin Business School does not have a minimum standardized test score that a student needs to meet in order for his or her application to be reviewed. Rather, we believe that an applicant who puts the time and effort into applying for the Global BBA program deserves to have his or her application evaluated fully. So while we can't provide you with a formula to gain admission to the program, we can assure you that your completed application will receive careful, thoughtful, and deliberate attention from our Admission Committee.
Q: I've taken the SAT and/or ACT multiple times. Will Renmin Business School use my highest individual section scores?
A: Yes. If you have taken the SAT more than once, we will take the highest individual section scores from each date and combine those scores. For the ACT, we will take your highest individual section scores and average them together, also known as "superscoring."
Q: What will be your policy for the redesigned SAT?
A: You may submit the either the redesigned SAT (1600 scale) or the ACT. The essay portion is not required for either the redesigned SAT or the ACT. We will not consider the pre-2016 version of the SAT (2400 scale). We will superscore the redesigned SAT and ACT. SAT II Subject Tests are optional. If you would like to highlight a talent in a specific area, you are welcome to submit SAT Subject Tests for consideration with your application.
Q: I didn’t take SAT Subject tests (or other similar standardized tests). Can I apply for the program?
A: Yes, you can still apply for the Global BBA program. We understand that some students may find the cost of taking and submitting SAT Subject Tests to be prohibitive. If you haven’t yet taken any standardized tests, we will review your secondary school record, rigor of coursework, and teacher and counselor recommendations.
Q: Does Renmin Business School limit the number of students admitted from each high school?
A: Renmin Business School strives to admit the most talented and qualified students from our applicant pool. Therefore, there is no limit to the amount of students we can admit from each high school.
Q: Does geography play a role in the admission process?
A: Geography is not a factor in the admission process.
Q: Does Renmin Business School offer academic merit scholarships?
A: Yes. In fact, around 40% of freshmen will be waived first-year or half-year tuition based on our Admission Committee’s evaluation of students’ overall performance in interviews and qualifications as demonstrated in their application materials. And in the following three years, students can apply for merit scholarships based on their academic performance each year. Click here for more on Fees & Funding.
Q: Does applying for scholarships affect my chances for admission?
A: Absolutely not. Renmin Business School practices need-blind admission which means that a student's ability to pay is not considered by the Admission Committee.
Q: How long does the Global BBA program take?
A: The Global BBA program takes 4 years to complete under the circumstances that all requirements are met by the student.
Q: When does the first semester normally start?
A: The first semester usually starts in the first week of September.
Q: Can I also start the Global BBA program in the spring semester?
A: No, our program only starts each fall.
Q: How long is one semester, and what are your main holidays?
A: The fall semester usually starts from early September to mid January. The spring semester usually lasts from late February to late June. Between semesters are two month-long vacations, namely summer break (Aug.) and winter break (Jan./Feb.). We also have a 7-day spring break that spans late April and early May, and a week-long National Day holiday in the first week of October.
Q: Will I have classes on the western holidays?
A: Our academic schedule follows Chinese holidays only. But we will consider making special arrangements for Global BBA students so that they can go back to their home countries to celebrate Christmas or other important holidays.
Q:Are all students guaranteed four years of campus housing?
A: Due to restrained housing resources, rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We will help students connect with the Housing Office.
Q: How can I schedule a campus visit?
A: We believe a campus visit will provide you with insights regarding our students, faculty and campus life that are often difficult to obtain through viewbooks and websites. You are very much welcome make an appointment with us. Our admission staff will be pleased to meet you in person. During the visit, you will also be able to attend a class, eat in one of our dining halls, and get an informal tour of campus from your student host. Click here Contact Us to contact us by phone or email.
Q: Do you consider enrolling transfer students?
A: We do not accept transfer students in line with our university regulations..